Frequently asked questions


Are your products and your brand French?

Parantaga is not a French brand but is registered in France. Our supplements are produced in Poland in a laboratory that meets the most demanding European regulations. All our products are approved by the French health authorities.

Where are your food supplements manufactured?

Our food supplements are manufactured in Poland in a laboratory at the forefront of innovation and meeting the strictest European regulations for food supplements and micronutrition.

Are your food supplements organic?

Our food supplements are 100% natural, guaranteed without preservatives, dyes, pesticides, GMOs and gluten-free. Organic labels are certifications awarded by independent third party organizations and this represents a cost. At Parantaga we prefer to dedicate this budget to research and innovation because "organic" is unfortunately not a guarantee of quality. More than on a label, we focus on the quality of 100% natural, additive-free raw materials, and on the effectiveness of ingredients.

Are your dietary supplements 100% natural?

Yes. Our dietary supplements are 100% natural, guaranteed without preservatives, dyes, pesticides, GMOs and gluten-free.

Do you have testimonials from women in their 40s and 50s?

Yes, on our website and in the permanent stories on our instagram you will find reviews from women 40 years and older.

Is the envelope of your capsules vegan (of plant origin)?

The envelope of our capsules is of vegetable origin (based on flowers) except for the envelope of the EPA/DHA omega capsules of the Pregnancy Formula cure which is of animal origin (with Halal certification).

Is it possible to take food supplements all year round?

We advise you to take a 3 to 6 month course of supplements depending on the chosen course of treatment, followed by a one month break to let your body assimilate the benefits of the minerals and vitamins without getting used to them. You can do this throughout the year according to your needs.

Can the capsules be opened?

Yes, a capsule can be opened and its contents mixed with water for example.

How many sachets / capsules does a course contain?

Each cure contains 30 sachets or capsules for 30 days of use, or 1 month. The daily intake of most of our cures is one capsule or one sachet except for :

- Stress & Fatigue (4 capsules per day, 120 capsules per package)

- Skin & Digestion (2 capsules per day, 60 capsules per package)

- Pregnancy Formula (2 vitamin capsules per day, 60 capsules per package).

We advise you to follow your Parantaga cure for at least 3 months to enjoy long-lasting results.

Is it possible to take a vitamin D treatment at the same time as the Glow Booster Day & Night treatment?

Yes, it is possible. A little piece of advice: vitamin D will be better absorbed when taken with a meal containing fats like olive oil, avocado or sardines for example.

Are your dietary supplements compatible with a sugar-free diet?

Yes, our dietary supplements are compatible with a sugar-free diet (low carb) because they do not contain carbohydrates. Omega is actually recommended as part of a ketogenic (keto) diet.

Is it possible to take Rhodiola at the same time as your food supplements?

Yes, you can take Rhodiola at the same time as our food supplements with the exception of the cure Stress & Fatigue which contains Rhodiola extract in its formulation.

Do you offer a course of collagen in capsule form?

No, our marine collagen is available in the form of hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder for maximum bioavailability and absorption. With the exception of the Collagen Beauty Superpowder and Omega courses, all our supplements are available in capsule form.

Do I risk a zinc overdose if I take several of your cures at the same time? What should I do?

En effet, la dose de zinc limite supérieure de sécurité conseillée pour un adulte est de 25 mg/jour. De ce fait, nous déconseillons de prendre en même temps les cures Skin & Digestion, Stress & Fatigue, Pregnancy Formula et Glow Booster Day & Night. En effet, chacun de ces compléments contient une dose de 15 mg/jour. La Cure Renaissance se trouve dans la limite des 25 mg/jour.

Can I find magnesium in any of your supplements? What is the dosage?

Our Stress & Fatigue supplement contains 250 mg of magnesium in the recommended daily dose (4 capsules).

Can I take all of your supplement courses in the same time?

Our courses have been formulated to create a strong synergy when taken together. For example, the good fat in our Omega Course is a perfect complement to our Curcumin & Superantioxidants since curcumin is even better assimilated with fat. However, we do not recommend taking the following supplements at the same time:
- Skin & Digestion
- Stress & Fatigue
- Pregnancy Formula
- Glow Booster Day & Night,
Each of these supplements contains a zinc dose of 15 mg/day and the upper safety limit is 25 mg/day.

To consume our supplements safely, we have created special courses: Renaissance Course, Sublime Hair Course, Luminous Skin Course, Soothed Skin Course and Immunity Course.)

Do I need to keep the supplements refrigerated?

No, you don't need to keep our food supplements in the fridge. Simply keep them in their closed packaging, in a dry place, at room temperature and out of the sun. In hot weather, you can keep the Omega course, as well as the omega capsules from the Pregnancy Formula course, in the fridge as a precautionary measure.

Can I follow one of your courses while taking Levothyrox ?

Yes, you can consume our dietary supplements while taking Levothyrox, there are no contraindications.

Do I risk an overdose of vitamin E by taking the Renaissance Course and another vitamin E supplement?

It is very difficult to overdose on vitamin E, so there is no risk in principle.

Do you guarantee results?

We are confident in the quality of our products. That's why we offer a "money back guarantee" - on some of our cures - if after 3 months of use you don't see any results.

You can find all the details of the guarantee here

Do you have a loyalty program?

Of course! Your loyalty is rewarded with us. You can find all the details of our loyalty program here.