Why are we different?

Your beauty starts from the inside

Together, let's take care of your health, your beauty and your well-being. Parantaga is all about bringing together the scientific know-how of experts with rigorously developed formulas based on high quality ingredients. Your health and beauty are in good hands.

Products created with Love and validated by Science

At Parantaga we work with our heads and our hearts. It is the heart that guides our development choices: we listen to your needs and we wish to meet them as best we can in order to bring you satisfaction and well-being. The brain of the project is our R&D team, which is responsible for developing high-performance products based on the latest scientific research.

Quality at the heart of our commitment

Quality is at the heart of our values and infuses all our decision-making. Thus, each ingredient is rigorously selected. We make the promise to never sacrifice quality for profitability.


We love our planet

Parantaga is committed to doing its best for the environment. We favor plant-based ingredients in our formulas. As for our marine collagen, it is responsibly sourced and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), organisation committed to fighting overfishing and protecting the marine environment.

Clean and responsible formulas

Our formulas are free of harmful substances, binders and preservatives that represent a health hazard. We also ensure that our products are free of sodium benzoate, hydroxybenzoates, gluten, GMOs, MSG, refined sugars, tartrazine, wheat and yeast.

What Experts Say

What motivated me to join the product research and development team at Parantaga?

The common desire to offer high-end products and to be among the top dietary supplement providers on the market in terms of quality and effectiveness. How do we achieve this? We are constantly seeking to improve and this inevitably involves a responsive and high-quality customer service.


William Kadmiry

Certified natural health therapist in naturopathy and micro-nutrition and certified sports coach.

Certified products

Each ingredient in our formulas must meet precise quality standards and is tested beforehand by our laboratory. Our products are certified by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) and the European Union.

  • Certificate of Collagen Beauty Superpowder

  • Certificate of Skin & Digestion Formula

  • Certificate of Glow Booster Day

  • Certificate of Glow Booster Night

  • Certificate of Pregnancy Formula

  • Certificate of Omega

  • Certificate of Intimate Formula

  • Certificate of Stress & Fatigue Formula

  • Certificate of origin of our marine collagen 1

  • Certificate of origin of our marine collagen 2