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Gift Card

Take care of the people you love! 

The Parantaga Gift Card is the perfect present to give the important people in your life a wellness break! Give them a high-end wellness and beauty routine tailored to their needs all year long.
Not available at the moment

How does it work?

1. Choose the amount

2. Receive the Gift Card by email

3. Print it out or send it to the recipient.


Where can I use the Gift Card?

The code on the card can only be used on our online shop

Can the code on the Gift Card be used several times?

Yes, the code can be used for one or more purchases, as long as the balance on the Gift Card is greater than 0.

Is it possible to use several Gift Cards for a single purchase?

Yes, it is possible to use several Gift Card codes in a single purchase.

Does the Gift Card work with subscriptions?

Yes, the Gift Card code can be used on the first order but it cannot be used for repeat orders.

Can the Gift Card be combined with a promo code?

Yes, it is possible to use a promo code to obtain a discount and the Gift Card code to make the payment or part of the payment.

Est-ce que la Carte Cadeau Bien-être est cumulable avec un code promotionnel ?

Oui, il est possible lors d’un même achat d’utiliser un code promotionnel pour obtenir une réduction ainsi que le code de la Carte Bien-être pour effectuer le paiement ou une partie du paiement.

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