Skincare Routine During Pregnancy


The Transformative Journey of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a pivotal chapter in a woman's life marked by significant physical changes. Your body is evolving daily, and hormone shifts can influence your energy levels as well as your skin and hair quality. This stage also prompts a reevaluation of your beauty routine. Now that you're thinking for two, it’s often a good time to switch to cleaner cosmetics. But beware of greenwashing! 82% of expectant moms struggle to decipher product labels. So what beauty needs do pregnant women have, and which cosmetic products can you trust? Here are the must-haves for a beautiful, worry-free pregnancy.

Le masque de grossesse

Skin Sensitivity and Pregnancy Mask

Hormonal changes can make your skin more susceptible to external irritants and allergies. A common concern is "pregnancy mask," or melasma, characterized by darker spots on your upper lip, forehead, or temples. To prevent it, avoid sun exposure and opt for high SPF creams that prioritize mineral filters. Stay away from products with photosensitizing ingredients.

Autre préoccupation : l’acné !

The Acne Factor

While some women glow during pregnancy, others experience acne flare-ups due to hormonal surges. To minimize acne, experts recommend simplifying your beauty routine, avoiding excessive makeup, and sticking to gentle cleansers. A diet low in refined sugar and dairy, but rich in zinc and magnesium, can also help keep your skin in check.

Prévention des vergetures

Stretch Marks Alert

From the second trimester onward, when your belly really starts to grow, stretch marks may appear. To minimize their impact, hydrate and nourish your skin through a balanced diet. Applying a natural cream or oil containing collagen, elastin, and vitamins E or F can also help. Continue this ritual postpartum, as stretch marks may persist or worsen with rapid weight loss.

Cosmétiques : respecter des critères de sécurité et de naturalité 

Navigating Cosmetics Safely

Many cosmetics contain chemicals that can penetrate the skin and affect both mother and baby. To reduce risks, opt for organic products that adhere to strict formulation guidelines. Pay special attention to endocrine disruptors like BHA, benzophenones, and triclosan. Trusted certifications like "Nature et Progrès" and "Eco Cert" can guide you.

Fuir les perturbateurs endocriniens

Ces molécules perturbent le fonctionnement hormonal essentiel au bon développement du fœtus en modifiant ou en imitant les hormones. Malheureusement, à mesure que la recherche progresse, les scientifiques découvrent de plus en plus d'ingrédients contenus dans nos produits cosmétiques qui sont susceptibles de perturber le système endocrinien. Les produits biologiques sont soumis à des normes de formulation strictes et à des contrôles réguliers, ce qui augmente leurs chances d'être exempts de perturbateurs endocriniens tels que le BHA, les benzophénones, le triclosan, les huiles minérales, les phtalates, le dioxyde de titane... Vous pouvez avoir confiance en les labels suivants : Nature et Progrès, Cosmétique Bio, Eco Cert.

Éviter les produits contenant des huiles essentielles

Caution with Essential Oils

Even though they’re natural, essential oils contain potent compounds that can be harmful to your baby. Especially avoid them in the first trimester. If you're a fan, switch to floral waters which are generally safe. Need extra help navigating ingredients? Beauty apps like Quelcosmetic or Yuka can be handy. If in doubt, consult a healthcare professional.

Limitez les parfums ou fragrance, choisissez bien les produits qui restent sur la peau

Be Cautious with Fragrances and Scents
Fragrances can often trigger contact allergies during pregnancy and may contain phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors. So, be extra cautious when choosing your cosmetics. Opt for carefully selected creams, deodorants, and makeup products, and try to minimize their use during your pregnancy.

Choose Products that Stay on the Skin Wisely
Skip shower gels with harmful compounds like endocrine disruptors, synthetic colors, preservatives, and artificial fragrances. Instead, go for soap made from cold saponification or organic superfatted soap. When it comes to deodorants, steer clear of formulations that include aluminum salts, alcohol, or parabens. Focus on hair removal to prevent bacteria and unpleasant odors. Keep your skin hydrated with plant-based oils or creams that are certified natural or organic, avoiding any that contain essential oils.

Prendre soin de soi de l'intérieur

While external beauty routines are essential, true beauty during pregnancy also comes from taking care of yourself from the inside out. Pregnancy requires a lot of energy as your body works tirelessly to create a new life. Even with a healthy diet, it's common to feel drained and demineralized, which can affect the beauty of your skin, teeth, and hair.

Nourish Yourself with Pregnancy Formula by Parantaga
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Take Time for Self-Care
This is a sacred period in your life. Rediscover the magic of your own body, listen to its needs, and pamper it with respectful, thoughtfully designed products for moms-to-be. We wish you a peaceful, harmonious, and beautiful pregnancy.

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